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How many times have you said: how did the journey go?
But have you ever asked your goods?


Every departure is an arrival on new horizons. Every good or service commodity always travels to the future. And when traveling, the value of the goods must be ensured by logistics and transport that are as innovative and impeccable as your own business. When you journey with us, your goods are the passenger, and we accompany them with six words, respect, sustainability, security, accuracy, credibility, sharing. Therefore Lacchi is the ideal partner for companies that accept the challenge of competitiveness and innovation.

What characterises us is a global vision, related to new transport developments, that's why we have created an electronic plan on the road by incorporating vehicles with green power. A real revolution in both logistics and distribution. The electronic and natural gas fleet for freight transport will lead to the growing use of less polluting and quieter trucks with a consequent improvement in environmental conditions. The Lacchi transport service fully engages with the new circular economy scenario.

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stoccaggio Lacchi

We have invested in quality and innovation, to offer you the opportunity to give a new boost to your economic activities and improve the health of our cities.
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