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Storing value to redistribute wealth is what we love about the future


The warehouse is everything. Ours is the warehouse of the future. It evolves and learns from every experience. Highly computerized, with maximised efficiency values, it has its own Information System that manages the operating activities with a comprehensive overview: less paper, more speed, constant traceability.
The wireless readers, with which the Operator Terminals are equipped, identify the products quickly, safely and reliably, identify the K values of the stock by taking the information directly from the source. They manage and monitor warehouse flows whilst calculating the storage time of the goods in hand.
Our system ensures:
• Complete warehouse operational management.
• Acquisition and fulfilment of customer orders.
• Labelling.
• Inventory planning.
• Requirements planning (production / purchase planning)
• Wrapping
• Packaging
• Palletisation.
• Transportation planning and management.
• Constant improvement of the customer experience.

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Our warehouses operate in a computerised environment where the processes are managed and flow seamlessly through the Lacchi interface to the customer information system. The technology we use, which is executable on the cloud, avoids using the program on customers' PCs, allowing them significant financial savings.

Our information system allows us to:
• Input, modify, connect, confirm, launch, fulfill.
• Monitor, in real time, the execution of orders by operators.
• Perform analysis on their performance, distribution and division.
• Exchange experiences and create a common culture of technological progress.

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Going further with new storage solutions is always advantageous to you. The warehouse has an Archive System with highly efficient operating procedures that guarantee the security of documents in custody (H24 security) and the correct archiving of paper documents:
anti-intrusion, anti-theft, heat and smoke detectors, sprinklers (automatic shutdown systems), evacuators, compartmentalisation, dehumidification, anti-dust, disinfestation from any microorganism and pathogen. The required ventilation is natural and integrated with mechanical means. The IT solutions, with electronic formats, regulate operations, implementations and knowledge flows, compatible with customer platforms.
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